Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Access Free Public Arrest Records

Free public arrest records are available for anyone who wants to perform some background check about a suspected criminal offender. This can be very useful if you feel like your new acquaintance has a criminal history. However, one should be cautious in doing so because these files will not be released if you do not have a legal basis. You cannot ask a courthouse to give you personal information about a person just because you feel like he is not trustworthy.

These free public arrest records are accessible to people who are doubtful about their new business associates, employee, or house helper. The courts cannot deny you this information if it concerns the safety of your family.

These free public arrest records contain information such as the date and place where the arrest took place, what are the circumstances that lead to it, and why it was issued. It can also provide you with information as to what happened with the case, if he was proven guilty or not, if it was dismissed, or if he was released through bail.

However, do not be surprised if the courthouses in your area ask for an administrative fee. Do not panic and complain, and do a lecture about your rights and how public documents should be. It is true that they should be accessible to anyone but that does not mean that you can just get a hold of it anytime that you want it. Every state has their own rules and courthouses only follow these rules. Furthermore, these administrative fees are all legal since they are approved by your town's council and they are only there to help in paying the operational costs made in searching for the file, processing and printing it for you. Anyway, these administrative fees are very minimal and it is worth the information that you can get.

Besides, you will also pay if you prefer to use online sites that provide the same accurate information. However, they are quicker and more convenient than most government offices.

Free public arrest records are available for anyone but it takes responsibility and discipline to use the information for the good of all.

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